Poster presentations

Publication of abstracts in JWC and posters at the summit

These guidelines apply to all posters at the CAMPS summit in Miami, Florida. March 13 - 14 2024

Any queries, please contact JWC Editor Selma Maloumi,

We have opened submissions for free paper abstracts for publication in JWC’s March edition and for the showcasing of posters at the summit. The final selection will be made by a Scientific Programme Committee.

This will provide the opportunity to showcase your work, both in print to our vast readership across the globe, and to summit delegates who are experts in the field. This will help to drive the conversation around CAMPs forward and will encourage collaboration and innovation.

The deadline for both the abstracts and posters is Monday 31st January 2024

Please send your abstracts and poster abstracts (PDF format only) to JWC Editor Selma Maloumi

Once PDF posters have been accepted, you must print the posters out according to the dimensions stated below*, and bring them to the conference to set up in the allocated poster area at the summit.

Deadline for submission of posters:

Completed posters should be sent in a PDF format to the Editor.

Deadline *31st January 2024* - late entries will not be accepted.



  • Poster boards will be provided to display poster presentation materials.
  • The display boards that will be available are the US standard of 4’x8’, therefore we are asking for poster dimensions to be 3’x6’ or 4’x8’
  • The title should not extend beyond the poster size.
  • Posters should be prepared as a single poster rather than multiple posters pieced together.

Poster format:

  • The paper title and all authors at the top of the poster
  • A brief introduction, goals, experimental detail, conclusions, and references (make sure this information is presented in a logical and clear sequence)
  • Explanations for graphs, pictures, and tables.
  • The entire poster layout should be readable from six to ten feet away
  • Optional: Use a QR code on your poster to give the audience more information about your presentation, the chance to connect with you on LinkedIn etc

Poster Appearance:

  • Keep text brief. Report only key aspects of each section (methods, results, discussion, and policy or management implications).
  • Keep figures simple. Convey only one idea per figure, table, or photograph.
  • Figures from publications, theses, or dissertations normally do not make good visuals.
  • Text and figures should be readable to someone standing at a distance of six feet.
  • Charts and graphs should clearly show what you want the audience to see.
  • Use appropriate and compatible colours for fonts, backgrounds, graphics, and matting.
  • White backgrounds generally are best for text.
  • Simple typefaces are preferable to fancy fonts. Bold type may be effective on headings.