Reimagine wound care possibilities at #CAMPS2024


Journal of Wound Care is delighted to announce its inaugural summit on cellular, acellular and matrix-like products (CAMPs)

We were joined for this inaugural event in wound care – the CAMPs Wound Care Summit 2024. Attendees discovered the latest advancements, engaged with industry experts, and connected with like-minded professionals in this transformative two-day experience

What to expect

At the CAMPs Wound Care Summit 2024, we believe that collaboration drives progress. Attendees delved into a comprehensive program that was designed to provide the rationale, evidence, and the algorithms of care that support the use of CAMPs.

  • Gain invaluable insights from renowned experts

  • Participate in interactive sessions

  • Unlock innovative strategies that will elevate your clinical practice

  • Expand your network and forge meaningful connections with like minded people who are shaping the future of wound care

    CAMPs Wound Care Summit Ticket - $699

    CAMPs Wound Care Summit single day rate - $399

    Industry ticket - $2000

    Tickets are no longer available to purchase

JWC has taken the lead in organizing the growing information on CAMPs. It began with an international consensus document, which introduced CAMP as the new term for an increasing number and variety of products. The document outlined best practice in the use of CAMPs. JWC produced a digital infographic and held a webinar that served as a guide on implementing these recommendations into practice. Now, JWC is holding a CAMP summit. I am excited to attend the meeting particularly as it relates to the recommended evidence level required to receive reimbursement for CAMPs.

Thomas Serena, CEO & Medical Director, Serena Group

Cellular, Acellular, Matrix-like Products (CAMPs) are a therapeutic class that have been clinically proven to help re-establish the healing cascade, thus, affording hard-to-heal wounds the ability to progress to closure. Yet, a significant number of wound care providers do not consistently observe this favorable result secondary to not being properly educated on best practices related to CAMPs. The combination of inconsistent wound care provider training and restrictive regulatory policies seems to have hindered the adoption of CAMPs. We need to address this, urgently! The JWC CAMPs Summit will provide a platform to help all levels of wound care providers to better understand and drive best practices related to CAMPs . Furthermore, given the current regulatory landscape targeting CAMPs, this Summit could not be timelier and I encourage all involved in wound care to attend.

Dr. William H. Tettelbach, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FUHM, MAPWCA, CWSP

Cellular, Acellular and Matrix-Like Products Wound Care Summit will undoubtedly be a stimulating and thought provoking discussion among key KOLs. Participation is key in having an engaging discussion in regards to the intelectual concepts presented. There may be "pearls" coming from the attendees that will help frame the clinical use of CAMPs.